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Inside Nónio

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Nónio is a unique market solution that presents a set of modules, namely, a Safety Management System (SMS), a Planned Maintenance System (PMS), Logbooks, Crew Management, Inspections & Audits, Schedule, Risk and Reliability, all integrated into a single solution. Nónio besides presenting a significant number of individual functionalities, it also allows information to flow from one functionality towards another, thus optimizing the burden of data entry.


Since the core of Nónio relies on the risk functionalities, meaningful alarms are created for a wide range of functionalities, as for example, engine logbooks entries, certification expiring of crew members, equipment maintenance dates, etc. thus reducing the probability of occurrence of an unexpected event with serious impact on various levels.


Based on the ship risk profile and inspections history, Nónio, has the ability of providing inspection prediction, identifying the ship areas most likely to be subject of inspection and corresponding risk exposure, thus reducing the probability of presenting PSC deficiencies or even ship detention.